Car and Truck Accidents

We’re familiar with the pain, loss, and personal turmoil that follows a car accident.  We have a solid history and reputation for helping accident victims who suddenly find themselves facing these kinds of challenges.

With us, you’ll receive direct attention from a committed accident lawyer who has the expertise and mindset to get you the compensation you deserve.  We take the time to get to know you and what you hope to get from your case.  We’ll give you candid advice about what you can expect and the best way to pursue your objective.

What to Expect

After a car accident, it’s perfectly natural to have questions and not be sure what to do.  After all, you didn’t expect or want this to happen.  You need someone who understands the claims process to look out for your best interests.  Since that’s not the insurance company, you need a qualified lawyer to evaluate the kind of case you have and tell you about your options.  That’s what you get with us.

We make our part of finding a qualified advocate easy.  When you contact us, we’ll offer you a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer.  We’ll ask you about what happened, what your injuries and costs are, and how this has affected your life.  We’ll give you our honest opinion about your case and how we can help.

We’re easy to talk to!  There’s no pressure and no obligation, just answers and information.  You decide whether you want us to help with your case, and everything we talk about will remain confidential either way.

We Handle the Insurance Company and Lawyers

When faced with a sudden and unexpected injury, you need the space to focus on your recovery.  Part of our job is to deal with the insurance company and claims process on your behalf. We’ll tell you what to expect and keep you updated on what’s happening, but you won’t have to worry about dealing with any of it.  We handle your claim while you concentrate on yourself and your recovery. 

The insurance company has experienced claims attorneys and reps working hard for it, and you should too.

We Help You Make the Right Call

We won’t pressure you to compromise your car accident case for a settlement.  We make sure your damages and losses are recognized and accounted for.  We fight hard to recover what your claim should provide, not simply what the insurance company wants to pay for it. 

You decide whether to take a settlement or present your case to a jury. We’ll evaluate any offer and give you our honest view about whether it’s reasonable and the prospects of pressing for more.  You make the final decision about what happens, and we’ll ensure you have the information you need to do that.


Let’s Talk

Contact us now for a free case evaluation.  An experienced injury lawyer will talk with you about what happened and how we can help.  We’re easy to talk to, and there’s no obligation to use our services.

Tell us a little about your case, and we’ll contact you to talk more.

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